What is nutriapptech

Nutriapptech CRM & Mobile Application

Nutriapptech is a specialized CRM software and mobile application, directed for professional dietitians and nutritionists worldwide.

Our CRM simplifies tasks performed by the professional dietitians and nutritionists, such as management and analysis of nutritional information of their clients, meal planning, and follow-up of their clients, recipes and appointments.

Why choose Nutriapptech

Nutriapptech is a CRM software designed to provide optimal convenience to both the clients and the professionals.

  • Easy to navigate CRM software
  • Complete Patient profile creation
  • Client weight analysis and information
  • Client records
  • Easy to create meal plans
  • Meal plan inventory with nutritional information
  • Client and dietitian mobile app
  • Customizable CRM and Mobile application to the brand identity
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Nutriapptech application features

Make the most of the Mobile app for your clients

Clients Progress
Clients can monitor and keep track their weight progress.
Meal Plan

Your clients will have an update meal plan in digital form at the end of each appointment.

Grocery list

Based on the prescribed meal plan, your clients will get a grocery list that will tell them exactly what they need to buy.


Your clients will be reminded and notified for their next appointment, resulting in minimizing the no-shows.

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