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What is nutriapptech?
Nutriapptech is a specialised CRM software and mobile application, directed for professional dietitians and nutritionists worldwide.
What do I get with nutriapptech?
What do my clients get with nutriapptech's mobile application?
What do you mean by Brand Oriented?
How many unique clients can I input?
Can I cancel my subscription?
Does nutriapptech offer support?
How can nutriapptech help me?
Our CRM simplifies tasks performed by the professional dietitians and nutritionists, such as management and analysis of nutritional information of their patients, meal planning, and follow-up of their patients, recipes and appointments.
Does the mobile application cost extra?
Will I pay extra for any updates and new features?
What subscription plans does nutriapptech offer?
Can I download my clients’ Progress information?
Is nutriapptech GDPR Compliant?

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